Previous Faculty Fellow Leadership Cohorts

CET Faculty Fellows Leadership cohort (2022-2023)

Erika Bobbitt, Bovard College

Steve Child, Iovine & Young

Stephanie Dewing, Rossier

Michelle Dexter, Keck-Psychiatry

Jennifer Floto, Annenberg

Hovik Gukasyan, Pharmacy

Kathryn Havens, Ostrow-Physical Therapy

Dawn Joosten-Hagye, Social Work

Lauren Matchison, Architecture

Melissa Miller, Libraries

Tyan Parker Dominguez, Social Work

Jennifer Phillips, Rossier

Kimiko Yamada, Ostrow-Physical Therapy

CET Faculty Fellows Leadership cohort (2021-2022)

Michael Anderson, Ostrow-Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Dana Chinn, Annenberg

Martine Culty, Pharmacy

Sibel Dincer, Ostrow-Dentistry

Cindy Guyer, Gould

Christy Kane, Libraries

Cari Kaurloto, Libraries

Greg Kling, Marshall/Leventhal

Jessica Parr, Dornsife-Chemistry

Vahe Peroomian, Dornsife-Physics and Astronomy

Paolo Sigismondi, Annenberg

Rick Schmunk, Thornton

Michaela Ullman, Libraries

CET Faculty Fellows Leadership cohort (2020-2021)

Amara Aguilar, Annenberg

Amy Chatfield, Libraries

Annalisa V. Enrile, Social Work

Lessa Grunenfelder, Viterbi-Chemical Engineering

Robert Labaree, Libraries

Mina Habibian, Ostrow-Dentistry

Roberta McKean-Cowden, Keck-Preventive Medicine

Jillian K. Pierson, Annenberg

Yann Staelens, Viterbi-Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Practice

Melinda Thomas, Bovard College

Melissa Withers, Keck-Global Health

CET Faculty Fellows Leadership cohort (2019-2020)

Terry David Church, Pharmacy

Caroline Clerc, Roski

Jen Crawford, Rossier

Shannon Dunn, Social Work

Kimberly Finney, Social Work

Kim Hirabayashi, Rossier

Jennifer Lewis, Social Work

Oliver Mayer, Dramatic Arts

Lily Ross, Social Work

Hannah Schilperoort, Libraries

Axel Schönthal, Keck-Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Brad Shipley, Annenberg

Melissa Singh, Social Work

Patricia Tobey, Rossier

Kendra Walther, Viterbi-Computer Science

Sue Wright, Gould

Christal Young, Libraries

Elizabeth M. Zelinski, Gerontology

Alexis Zoto, Roski

Inaugural CET Faculty Fellows Leadership cohort (2018-2019)

Estela Andujo, Social Work

Jeb Barnes, Dornsife-Political Science

Elizabeth Galoozis, Libraries

Rotem Gilbert, Thornton

Karla Heidelberg, Dornsife-Biological Sciences

John Keim, Bovard College

Karen Kensek, Architecture

Daniel Kirages, Ostrow-Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Rob Landel, Ostrow-Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

William Leach, Price

Carmen Lee, Annenberg

J. Andrew MacKay, Pharmacy

Didi Matthews, Ostrow-Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

T.J. McCarthy, Price

Patricia Mills, Marshall/Leventhal

Edith Mirzaian, Pharmacy

Douglas E. Noble, Architecture

Mariela Padilla, Ostrow-Dentistry

Julia Paull, Roski

Jin-Ho Phark, Ostrow-Dentistry

Pragna Patel, Keck-Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine

Marion Philadelphia, Marshall

Betsy (Elizabeth) Phillips, Social Work

Amy Rechenmacher, Viterbi

Mark Redekopp, Viterbi

Artineh Samkian, Rossier

Willa Seidenberg, Annenberg

Stephanie Shroyer, Dramatic Arts

Nick Stoubis, Thornton

Melanee Vicedo, Libraries

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