Vision and Mission


USC’s 2018 strategic plan maps out a dynamic path through the 21st Century “that reaffirms the importance of teaching and mentoring in the context of a research university.” It calls for an inclusive spirit where educational experiences are enhanced through the examination of diverse perspectives and applications. It advocates for a convergent spirit where students are taught how to see problems and solutions from multiple points of view and across disciplines. And it champions an entrepreneurial spirit where students are guided toward innovation and creative approaches to solving complex problems, many of which play out in our own Megacity of Los Angeles. CET serves as a central resource for the university in bringing this vision into reality.


The Center for Excellence in Teaching promotes a vibrant culture of teaching and learning for the university community, for schools, and for faculty by:

  • Supporting USC’s Strategic Plan through pedagogical training and resources that assist the USC community in developing practices that are:
    • Inclusive,
    • Interdisciplinary,
    • Innovative and creative.
  • Providing train-the-trainer models of faculty development to support faculty as they work to advance a culture of teaching and learning within their own schools.
  • Promoting evidence-based course design and teaching practices.
  • Providing resources and training for developing, evaluating, and rewarding teaching excellence.
  • Offering training opportunities that are customized to each discipline’s unique teaching needs.
  • Collaborating with academic and service units
    • To provide a pedagogical perspective and promote teaching-related resources at USC.
    • To foster an environment where the university community can connect and thrive.
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CET institutes engage faculty in advancing their knowledge of scholarly approaches to teaching excellence.

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CET promotes a vibrant culture of teaching and learning with consults, Faculty Learning Communities, and the Mentored Teaching Fellows program.

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Explore resources related to course design, evaluation, and instruction.

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