Education Research Bibliography

This annotated bibliography of selected educational literature was developed to support USC faculty, administrators, and schools in the development and evaluation of excellence in teaching. The focus, particularly in the section Teaching Best Practices in the USC Definition of Excellence in Teaching Criteria, is on published research that experimentally validates the effectiveness of practices that promote student learning outcomes. Priority is given to meta-analyses that critically analyze the results of multiple studies and provide corresponding references. The bibliography is not intended to include foundational texts for each topic nor provide literature specific to each discipline.  For additional literature specific to your discipline, you may wish to review the USC Libraries Research Guide indexing educational journals by discipline.

All references are obtainable from USC Libraries through online access, hardcopy, or, in a few cases, interlibrary loan.

These texts evaluate practices. They do not provide guidance on effective implementation. For resources on how to implement best practices in course design and teaching, please search the CET resources or contact CET at

If you have recommendations for additional resources to add to the list, please let us know by sending an email to

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Teaching best practices in the USC Definition of Teaching Excellence criteria

Respectful and professional

Challenging and supportive

Inclusive and diverse

Relevant and engaging

Prepared and purposeful

Fair and equitable


Defining teaching excellence

Faculty development

Instructor evaluation

General teaching and learning resources

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