Teaching Initiatives in Higher Education

Career Framework for University Teaching (2018). The Career Framework for University Teaching. Retrieved from http://www.teachingframework.com 

Excellent teachers, in addition to making an impact on the lives of their students, can influence their colleagues across academe, and contribute to the advancement of teaching. The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Career Framework for University Teaching includes a category called “Spheres of Influence” to assess the impact of good teaching practices in a way that parallels how we evaluate the reach of our scholarship.

Institutional Management in Higher Education (2012). Fostering Quality Teaching in Higher Education: Policies and Practices. Retrieved from https://www.lifescied.org/doi/10.1187/cbe.12-09-0163 

Discusses steps toward promotion of excellence in teaching in the university setting, including development and evaluation. Includes many case studies.

TEval (n.d.). Transforming Higher Education – Multidimensional Evaluation of Teaching. Retrieved from http://teval.net/about.html

Advancing educational practices by creating, aligning, and sustaining effective evaluation strategies that promote the use of evidence-based instructional strategies.

The University of Alaska Anchorage (2013). Supporting and Assessing Teaching Effectiveness and Excellence. [PDF] Retrieved from https://www.uaa.alaska.edu/academics/institutional-effectiveness/_documents/supporting-and-assessing-teaching-effectiveness-and-excellence-university-of-alaska-anchorage.pdf

An overview of procedures, resources, and tools employed by six US universities to support and assess teaching effectiveness and excellence.

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