Independent Review Resources for Online Teaching

Please review Accessing Independent Review Resources for Online Teaching in Blackboard

The Independent Review Resources for Online Teaching are intended to help faculty use evidence-based online teaching tools to effectively deliver their courses in the online environment. TAs and staff can also access the reviews to assist them in supporting faculty in online instruction. These self-directed reviews present the same content as the CET Accelerated Online Teaching Intensives, but are not facilitated by someone at CET. Instead, they are self-paced; participants can proceed through the reviews on their own timeline as an independent-study experience.

While the content is designed to enhance online teaching capabilities, it also provides faculty with principles, strategies, and online tools that can be effectively applied in on-ground courses. The format and tools used model recommended practices for both synchronous activity in Zoom and asynchronous work in Blackboard. Each module includes content on online pedagogy for your review, as well as suggested reflection activities to help reviewers prepare key elements of their online course. The modules also contain design notes in cardinal font to explain why CET chose to use particular teaching tools, and how faculty might use similar strategies in their own classes.

All faculty and TAs should already have access to the reviews by logging into their Blackboard Account and looking under “Organizations”; however, these review opportunities are open to all USC community members: faculty, staff, and students. The reviews may be joined at any time and participants will have permanent access to the Blackboard organizations in which they are enrolled. If you do not find the Independent Review Resources for Online Teaching under “Organizations” when you log in to your Blackboard homepage, you can request to be added by completing this form.  (You will need to select which review to join: faculty, staff, or student.)

Review topics

Module 1: Framing the online environment

Module 2: Selecting online assessments that align with your learning objectives

Module 3: Designing effective online assessments

Module 4: Instructor presence and student engagement online

Module 5: Presenting course content in the online environment

Module 6: Online active learning activities

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