Peer Review & Evaluation

Faculty Peer Evaluation

The following tools and templates are offered in support of schools and departments developing their own peer-review systems. Use of these specific materials is not required by the USC administration, but are intended as examples of best practices in teaching. Schools and departments may choose to adopt the following tools as written, edit them (add, subtract, or reword criteria), or create their own.

Teaching and Course Design

CET Classroom Teaching Observation ChecklistPrint Version

CET Course Design Syllabus Review ChecklistPrint Version

Contact to arrange a training for your faculty group on best use of the Evaluation Checklists and use of this guide on Facilitating a Norming Session for Peer Review.

USC Teaching Policies and Expectations – A video summary of essential USC teaching practices, reflected in the checklists above.

Formative Peer Evaluation Processes Flowcharts

Summative Peer Evaluation Processes Flowcharts

Assessment Practices

Review of Instructor Assessment Practice Guide – A tool for evaluating student learning through a course assignment.

Template for Review of Instructor Assessment Practices

Teaching Statement

Teaching Statement Evaluation Guide – A tool for evaluating a self-reflective faculty teaching statement.

Templates for Faculty Teaching Statements

For single-year evaluation plan

For three-year evaluation plan

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Course Evaluation

Mid-semester evaluations