Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching: Nomination Process

All nominations must include the following documentation:

  • Nominator and nominee contact information, titles, department(s), and school(s)
  • Abbreviated teaching-only curriculum vitae (2-page maximum)
    • Please upload the 2-page PDF document to outline the teaching activities undertaken by the nominee throughout their career.  You may cut and paste teaching-related activities from their c.v. into this document. The information should help the committee understand things like:
      1. The span and range of activities in the nominee’s teaching career
      2. The types of classes or teaching experiences they lead (e.g., content, size, impact (foundations, capstone, GE, etc.)
      3. Their course and curriculum development work
      4. Their investment in the development of their own teaching practices
      5. Their investment in their department’s teaching efforts as a peer-reviewer
      6. Their teaching leadership (training/mentoring other faculty or graduate students in teaching); etc. Scholarship activities should only be included if they have a wide and direct impact on practices that promote teaching excellence in higher education.
  • Three letters: One nomination letter and two letters of support (Additional letters will not be accepted.)
    • The nomination letter (3-page maximum) should come from a USC faculty member that explains why the nominee’s teaching contributions are exceptional (See criteria in the Evaluation page.) 
    • The two letters of support should come from one USC faculty member and a USC academic dean (2-page maximum each). Support letters may provide additional evidence for the criteria addressed by the nominator or highlight criteria or other evidence of teaching excellence not already covered
  • Three recent representative syllabi or descriptions of non-classroom teaching (within the last 5 years)
  • Student engagement summary form (1-page maximum).
    • This form should reflect the nominee’s ability to effectively engage students (e.g., inclusivity, clarity, responsiveness, availability) by highlighting patterns or themes in student feedback over time (Student evaluation data or reports, or original student letters or comments will be not accepted.)
  • A list of grants and awards for teaching, if any
  • A short description (175-200 words) highlighting the nominee’s excellence in teaching to be read during the Convocation program. Specific examples are most effective in communicating exceptional achievement

*Nominators are encouraged to include underrepresented faculty in their consideration of possible nominees.


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