University Outstanding TA Award: Nomination Process

All nominations must include the following documentation:

  • Nominator and nominee contact information, titles, department(s), and school(s)
  • Abbreviated teaching-only curriculum vitae (2-page maximum)
    • Please use this document to outline the teaching assistant or assistant lecturer activities undertaken by the nominee while at USC.  You may cut and paste teaching-related activities from their c.v. into this document. The information should help the committee understand things like:
      1. The span and range of teaching related activities while at USC
      2. The types of classes or teaching experiences for which they have been a TA/Asst lecturer (e.g., content, size, impact (foundations, capstone, GE), etc.)
      3. Their investment in the development of their own teaching practices, etc.
  • A nomination letter, two letters of support, and a student engagement summary
    • The Nomination letter should come from the nominee’s department (2-page maximum) indicating why the nominee is an excellent candidate for the award. The statement may include:
      • Evidence of innovative use of best practices in instruction
      • Contributions to student learning above and beyond the call of duty
      • Contributions to learning outside the classroom
      • Investment in teaching development training
    • Two letters of support (2-page maximum each) should come from department faculty describing the nominee’s contributions to student learning. Support letters may provide additional evidence for criteria addressed by the nomination letter or highlight other evidence of teaching excellence. (Multiple faculty signatures on one letter will count as one letter of support.)
    • The student engagement summary (1-page maximum) should reflect the nominee’s ability to effectively engage students (e.g., inclusivity, clarity, responsiveness, availability) by highlighting patterns or themes in student feedback over time (Student evaluation data or reports, or original student letters or comments will be not accepted.)
  • A short description (125-150 words) highlighting the nominee’s teaching accomplishments to be read during the Convocation program. Specific examples are most effective in communicating exceptional achievement

Additional information on the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award can be found at:

All materials must be received by October 6th, 2023.  Nominations are for a single year’s cycle only. Self nominations are not accepted. Previous winners are not eligible. Please fill out the Outstanding TA nomination form and if you have any questions, please contact

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