AI Generators in the news

This page is a curated list of articles and videos related to artificial intelligence-generating tools and teaching. When available, USC Libraries links have been included.

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Adobe Firefly



Articles and videos on AI Generators in Teaching

Chechitelli, A. Understanding false positives within our AI writing detection capabilities. Turnitin Blog. March 16, 2023.

Garfinkle, A. The White House’s new AI initiatives focus on investment, education, and feedback. Yahoo!Finance. May 23, 2023.

Harvard Business Publishing (webinar). Unlocking the Power of A.I.: How Tools Like Chat GPT Can Make Teaching Easier and More Effective. May 2, 2023.

Kim, T. Opinion: Can today’s AI truly learn on its own? Not likely. Los Angeles Times. May 14, 2023.

Hughes, Alex. “ChatGPT: Everything you need to know about OpenAI’s GPT-3 tool.” BBC Science Focus. January 16, 2023.

McCabe, D. White House Pushes Tech C.E.O.’s to Limit Risks of A.I. New York Times. (May 4, 2023).

Singer. N. At this School, Computer Science Class now includes Critiquing Chatbots. New York Times. February 6, 2023.

Terry, L. O. I’m a Student. You have no idea how much we are using ChatGPT. The Chronicle of Higher Education. May 12, 2023.

University of Southern California. Turnitin AI Writing Detection. Updated April 14, 2023

van Dis, E. A. M., Bollen, J., Zuidema, W, van Rooi, R., & Bockting, C. L. ChatGPT: five priorities for research. Nature. February 3, 2023.

Yang, A. How can you tell if a photo is AI generated? Here are some tips. National Geographic. April 20, 2023.

60 Minutes: Artificial Intelligence Revolution, April 19, 2023
ChatGPT for Scientific Research, January 2023
ChatGPT does Physics, Sixty Symbols, January 23, 2023
Cheating With ChatGPT: Can OpenAI’s Chatbot Pass AP Lit? , Wall Street Journal, December 21, 2022

Academic journal articles

Chang, C. Y., Kuo, S. Y., & Hwang, G. H. (2022). Chatbot-facilitated Nursing Education. Educational Technology & Society25(1), 15-27. USC Libraries link.

Bearman, M., Ryan, J. & Ajjawi, R. Discourses of artificial intelligence in higher education: a critical literature review. High Educ (2022). USC Libraries link.

Euchner, J. (2023). Generative AI. Research-Technology Management, 66(3), 71–74. USC Libraries link.

Gao, C. A., Howard, F. M., Markov, N. S., Dyer, E. C., Ramesh, S., Luo, Y., & Pearson, A. T. (2022). Comparing scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to original abstracts using an artificial intelligence output detector, plagiarism detector, and blinded human reviewers. bioRxiv, 2022-12. USC Libraries link.

Hsu, T. C., Huang, H. L., Hwang, G. J., & Chen, M. S. (2023). Effects of Incorporating an Expert Decision-making Mechanism into Chatbots on Students’ Achievement, Enjoyment, and Anxiety. Educational Technology & Society26(1), 218-231. USC Libraries link.

Huang, W., Hew, K. F., & Fryer, L. K. (2022). Chatbots for language learning—Are they really useful? A systematic review of chatbot‐supported language learning. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning38(1), 237-257. USC Libraries link.

Kim, J., Shin, S., Bae, K., Oh, S., Park, E., & del Pobil, A. P. (2020). Can AI be a content generator? Effects of content generators and information delivery methods on the psychology of content consumers. Telematics and Informatics55, 101452. USC Libraries link.

Is Medicine Ready for AI? (2023). The New England Journal of Medicine, 388(14), e49–e49. USC Libraries Link.

Pavlik, J. V. (2023). Collaborating With ChatGPT: Considering the Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Journalism and Media Education. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 10776958221149577. USC Libraries link.

Stokel-Walker. (2023). ChatGPT Listed as Author on Research Papers. Nature (London), 613(7945), 620–621. USC Libraries link.

Yeh, J., & Clare, C. (2023). Women’s Health and Artificial Intellegence (AI): Addressing potential for bias and discrimination in AI. Current Women’s Health Reviews. USC Libraries link.

General information on AI Generators

Advances in artificial intelligence raise new ethics concerns, PBS NewsHour, January 10, 2023
ChatGPT, Explained: What to Know About OpenAI’s Chatbot | Tech News Briefing Podcast, Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2022
Art created by artificial intelligence, CBS Sunday Morning, January 15, 2023.
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