Course Design & Teaching Consultations

CET’s instructional designers offer complimentary individual, group, and department consultations for any USC faculty, teaching any type of course, on both the UPC and HSC campuses as well as off-campus or online. Every consult is different because it’s personalized. Course consults usually last an hour and can cover course learning objectives, assignments/assessments, active learning, and leveraging technology. Consults may also take the form of teaching observations, presentations at faculty retreats, or departmental/program support with curriculum alignment. Consults can be in-person, online, or by phone or email.

To schedule your consult with a CET instructional designer, contact

  • “Working with Instructional Designers who can help us think about new and different ways to make classes more student-centered and achieve a course’s detailed outcomes has made us better instructors, our classes more focused and our students more engaged.”
  • “Working with the instructional design team at CET was a great experience. … They offered speedy, thorough and helpful feedback on our curricula and connected us with other academic support services at USC. I am indebted to the CET staff and truly grateful that these resources exist on campus.”

Sample consult topics: developing effective assessments, active learning strategies, flipped classes, classroom management, managing student groups, student peer evaluation, student motivation, departmental communities of practice, program curriculum alignment.