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Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching is the highest honor the University Faculty bestows on its members for outstanding teaching. Up to two awards of $3,500 are presented each year at the Academic Honors Convocation (in April) to emphasize the University's recognition of the significant role that teaching plays in its mission.

The award recognizes the career achievements of outstanding full-time tenure track and full-time non-tenure track faculty with a proven track record as exceptional teachers with a positive, inspiring, and long-lasting effect on students and their learning, along with extraordinary, unique, or pioneering contributions to excellence in teaching. Nominees should have spent a significant period of time at the University of Southern California.

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University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards

The University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award symbolizes the University's dedication to the education of scholars and teachers. Awards of $1,000 are presented each year at the Academic Honors Convocation (in April) to graduate students who have exhibited consistent excellence in the classroom. Three awards are presented each year, one from the natural sciences and engineering, one from the social sciences, and one from the humanities and arts.

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Teaching Consultation and Mentoring

Excellent teaching is multifaceted and highly individualized. Colleagues come to us with many concerns, plans and questions. At CET we help by listening, by asking questions, and by offering research-based solutions. All Faculty Fellows welcome the opportunity to offer off-the-record and constructive advice to assist USC faculty, teaching assistants, departments and schools. Simply email a Fellow or the CET Director to begin the process!

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CET Event Videos

CET event programming is one important way that USC advances the discussion about teaching and learning while including voices representative of all members of the USC learning community.
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Teaching and Learning

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2014 - 2015 Faculty Fellows

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Tatiana Akashina Gail Peter Borden Ruth Chung Edward Finegan
Thomas Goodnight Gillian Hadfield Dinah Lenney Oliver Mayer
Erin Moore Krishna Nayak Mark Redekopp Wendy Smith
Rachel Walker Travis Williams Michael Wincor

Teaching Tips:

THE MORE OPPORTUNITIES STUDENTS HAVE TO RESTATE OR APPLY KEY CONCEPTS THE BETTER THEY WILL REMEMBER THOSE CONCEPTS In a phrase: Don’t tell students when you can show students – don’t show them when they can show themselves or others. Ask students to summarize, paraphrase, or generalize about important concepts through discussions, roleplaying, simulations, case studies, and written assignments.

Gross & Davis p.264

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Responsibilities and benefits of CET fellowship
CET provides a forum for student and faculty discussions about learning and teaching inside the classrooms of a research university and beyond. CET offers university-wide programs calculated to enhance learner-centered teaching.

University-Wide Programs and Faculty Forums

CET offers workshops and other programs aiming to enhance understanding of learning. Recognizing that research and teaching are inextricably intertwined and that at USC liberal and professional learning are often integrated, CET forums focus on articulating learning objectives, modes of learner-centered teaching, and appropriate measures of success. The implementation of CET's objectives relies on its fellowship programs.

Faculty Fellows

CET seeks the colleagueship of faculty members in all fields to help foster and enable a commitment to engaged learning among USC's students in all venues associated with teaching and learning. Faculty fellows mentor undergraduate fellows and teaching assistant fellows and support and assist faculty colleagues across the University.

Teaching Assistant Fellows

CET seeks the colleagueship of outstanding teaching assistants to assist all TAs from across the University in a commitment to enhanced learning in laboratories, discussion sections, and other venues related to academic success.

Undergraduate Fellows

CET seeks colleagueship with undergraduates who show leadership potential and a drive to enhance the Center's efforts in understanding how students learn best.