Becoming a Physician Speaker Series

Spring 2007

Spring 2006

Fall 2005

Spring 2005

Description by Kevin Chang, undergraduate pre-medical student

In the spring of 2005, Josh Hornstein created a speaker series founded on the concern that modern physicians were losing touch with the principles and ‘normative ideals’ which were once the foundation of a doctor’s training. Worried that the strenuous undergraduate experience was alienating and enervating, this series of talks was meant to ‘enrich’ the undergraduate experience, and prevent this alarming trend from continuing. With topics ranging from pharmaceutical paybacks, to malpractice litigation, these events, appropriately titled “Becoming a Physician,” offered undergraduate pre-meds a forum in which to think about pressing ethical issues they would face, in hopes of fostering the best possible values and character traits, as early as possible. [More...]


College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, Student Senate


USC Center for Excellence in Teaching, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology