Section: Teaching Assistant Fellows
Molly Lancaster

Molly Lancaster-Brightman

Molly Lancaster-Brightman is a third year doctoral student in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. She is working towards her Ph.D. in Health Behavior Research.

In 2011, she received a Pre-doctoral Clinical Translational (PCT) Training Grant which will allow her to study translational science and conduct research for two years funded through the National Institute of Health. This will also allow her to work on a component of her dissertation project as a trainee. Her current research project focuses on personalized medicine for smoking cessation with a translational focus. She is specifically interested in applying Diffusion Theory to this project and examining specific characteristics that would make such tools more likely to be recommended by a physician - thus helping to speed the translation of such genetic findings into clinical applications and methods. As a secondary part of this project, she is also building an online resource for researchers or clinicians interested in research studies on personalized approaches to smoking cessation.

Her other interests include teaching and mentoring both undergraduates in health promotion and disease prevention as well as masters level students currently studying for the degrees in public health (MPH). Her interests cut across other addictive behaviors, as well as overall health and well being. She plans to one day become a professor of public health or genetic medicine.

In May 2009, Molly completed her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Biology at Fontbonne University in Saint Louis, Missouri.