Peer Consultations


To schedule a consult with a CET faculty fellow, contact

Collegial Consultation

Excellent teaching is multifaceted and highly individualized. Colleagues come to us with many concerns, plans and questions. At CET we help by listening, by asking questions, and by offering research-based solutions. All Faculty Fellows welcome the opportunity to offer off-the-record and constructive advice to assist USC faculty, departments and schools. Simply email a Fellow or the CET Director to begin the process!

  • “I left today’s meeting unsure that I had sufficiently conveyed to you my gratitude. Second for second, this meeting and the previous one I had with you have been the most concretely valuable assistance that I’ve ever been given on the actual process of teaching. (E-mail from a mentored faculty in School of Cinema/TV )”

Below are some of the opportunities for mentoring, discussion and collegial consultation offered by Faculty Fellows and the Director.

Individual Consultations

  • “The comments in my student evaluations make no sense.”
  • “My students just do not seem to get it!”
  • “What do I include in a teaching philosophy statement?”
  • “How can my TA deal with teaching difficulties related to gender and ethnic bias?”

At any time during a semester, you can meet with a CET Faculty Fellow or with the Director to discuss any issue related to teaching. In addition to human resources, CET offers a library of books, articles, tapes and other resources on many topics.

Course Design Consultations

  • “I am used to teaching seminars, how do I prepare for a large lecture course?”
  • “How do I incorporate successfully various assessment techniques so as to gage student learning?”

If you are teaching a new course or one at a different level or with a student population new to you, contact the CET Fellows. They are eager to serve as mentors: as sounding boards for your ideas, as sources of tried and tested or innovative techniques, as lodes of experience.

Video Recorded Teaching

  • “I just don’t seem to be able to motivate my students as much as I would like.”
  • “I would like to get some critical distance and see myself teaching.”

Would you like the experience of observing your own teaching? A video recording allows you to analyze the class you have just taught. With the support of a Fellow, faculty can assess what is working and why, and develop strategies to enhance classroom communication and teaching strategies.

Departmental Issue Consultations

CET continues to work with groups of faculty and entire departments or schools on issues such as curriculum development, grading policies, effective teaching, mid-semester evaluations, classroom assessment techniques, TA training, and faculty development. We have worked with the following schools or programs:

  • Annenberg Center: course & program assessment project for the Institute for Multimedia Literacy
  • Annenberg School for Communication: establishment of school-based TA Training program
  • School of Cinema/Television, Production Division: production workshops; curriculum review; mentoring of adjunct professors
  • Viterbi School of Engineering: enhancement of the freshman experience; peer review process