Teaching Excellence in Action: Spring 2015

Throughout the semester, CET Faculty Fellows open their classrooms to interested observers to share ideas, approaches and techniques for teaching in a collegial environment. Anyone may attend, provided the Fellow is emailed in advance to confirm the date.

Gene Bickers, email


PHYS 161L: Advanced Principles of Physics (TTh: 2:00–3:50pm, SLH 100, 100 students)
This is the first course in a three–semester introductory honors sequence in physics. The statics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, wave motion, relativistic kinematics, and elementary thermal physics will be covered this semester. 
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Gerald Davison, email


PSYC 361: Introduction to Clinical Psycology(MW 10:00-11:50am, VPD 106, 40 students)
This course will provide an introduction to both the scientific and applied aspects of clinical psychology. 
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Tom Goodnight, email


COMM 526 - Humanistic and Social Scientific Approaches to Human Communication II (T 9:00am-12:00pm, ASC 240, 19 students)
This course introduces range of founding theories and emphasis on macro and micro social scientific, symbolic, and structural perspectives for the field of Communication.
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Steven Lamy, email

Steven Lamy

IR 210 - Introductory Theory and Analysis in International Relations (MWF: 10:00 - 10:50am, THH 201, 250 students)
This course is designed as a comprehensive introduction to theoretical and analytical developments in the field of international relations.
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Frank Manis, email

Frank Manis

PSY 433 - Children's Learning and Cognitive Development (MW: 2:0 - 3:50pm, VPD 106, 40 students)
I have designed Psychology 433 as a fully integrated service-learning course that is closely linked to the Joint Educational Project’s Project Read program. The purpose of Project Read is to help struggling readers boost their confidence in reading.
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Krishna Nayak, email

Krishna Nayak

EE 591 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Reconstruction (Fridays 1:00-3:50pm, VHE 206, 30 students)
The first half of this course will cover the physics of MRI, selective excitation, image acquisition, Fourier image reconstruction, image contrast, volumetric imaging, and management of artifacts and system imperfections. The second half will cover advanced topics such as dynamic imaging, contrast manipulation, advanced excitation, compressed sensing, image artifact correction, MRI market segments, and entrepreneurship opportunities.
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Mark Redekopp, email

Mark Redekopp

EE 109 L - Introduction to Embedded Systems (Lecture T/Th: 11-12:20pm, Lab W: 3:30-4:20pm, VHE 205, 40 students)
This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of computer systems using embedded systems as a vehicle. Concepts include information representations, embedded C language constructs, assembly programming, state machines, and fundamental circuit analysis.
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EE 355: Software Design for Electrical Engineers (MW: 10-11:50am and MW:12-1:50pm, OHE 230, 47 students)
This course introduces EE students to topics of computer science and software development relevant to electrical engineering applications. The ability to model, simulate, analyze, and characterize problems and their solution space is critical in the modern practice of electrical engineering.
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Oussama "Sam" Safadi, email

Oussama (Sam) Safadi

AME 403: Stress Analysis (MW: 2:00 -3:20pm, KAP 147, 35 students)
Course Outline: 1) Analysis of Stresses 2) Strain and Stress – Strain Relations 3) Two – Dimensional Problems in Elasticity 4) Criteria for Material Failure 5) Bending of Beams 6) Torsion of Prismatic Bars 7) Numerical Methods 8) Energy Methods 9) Elastic Stability
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AME 525: Engineering Analysis(TTh: 5:00 – 6:20 pm, Section 28885R (On Campus): OHE 122 Section 29055D (Off Campus), 100 students)
Course Outline: 1) Vectors and Vector Spaces 2) Matrices and Linear Systems 3) Determinants 4) Eigenvalues, Diagonalization, and Special Matrices 5) Systems of Linear Differential Equations 6) Vector Differential Calculus 7) Vector Integral Calculus 8) Complex Numbers and Functions 9) Complex Integration 10) Series Representations of Functions 11) Singularities and Residue Theorem
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AME 529: Aircraft Structures Analysis (TTh: 2:00 – 3:20 pm, Section 28890R (On Campus): OHE 132 Section 29060D (Off Campus), 40 students)
Course Outline: 1) Applied Elasticity: Fundamental Concepts 2) Introduction to Theory of Thin plates 3) Introduction to Finite Element Methods 4) Structural Stability: Fundamental Concepts 5) Introduction to Vibration of Continuous Systems
Click here for the class syllabus.

Travis Williams, email

Travis Williams

CHEM 565: Advanced Practical NMR (F 11:00am-1:00pm, LHI 104, 19 students)
This course is the laboratory complement to CHEM 625. It will provide detailed instruction in design, execution, and analysis of NMR techniques for chemical and biochemical research.
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Bruce Zuckerman, email

Bruce Zuckerman

REL 317: Ancient Near Eastern Myth and Literature (MW 2:00-3:20pm, VHE 206, 19 students)
A close consideration of ancient Near Eastern myths--especially those from Mesopotamia and Canaan--with special attention to their influence on the Bible.
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