Online Journals and Other Publications

Chronicle of Higher Education

News for college and university faculty members and administrators. Their teaching section includes reading lists and syllabi. See particularly their list of internet resources, which can be searched by keyword or browsed by topic.

Critical Thinking Community

The College/University Education section includes published and unpublished writings focused on the background and theory of critical thinking, and curriculum guidelines and lesson plans for developing critical thinking skills in students.


Designed to be a resource for educational developers, librarians, academic staff and managers in education, with material arranged by discipline and by educational issue. Content includes: evaluated case studies of teaching and learning in subject discipline areas, contact lists of staff interested in similar work, extracts of related published articles, commentary on case studies and articles contributed by readers, book reviews, annotated bibliographies, links to related resources and relevant publishers. Includes a reader forum and mailing list. From London Guildhall University.

Harvard Educational Review

"The Harvard Educational Review is a scholarly journal of opinion and research in education. Its mission is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and debate about education's most vital issues. Each year, the Review covers a wide range of topics of current concern in education. Each quarterly issue of the Review is book length, containing a variety of articles, essays, and book reviews." From Harvard University.

Issues of Teaching and Learning

Newsletter from the University of Western Australia.

National Teaching and Learning Forum

"The contents range as widely as good conversation. Topics embrace a wide diversity of cross-disciplinary concerns. The Forum's pages cover the latest findings of cognitive psychology on attention span and their practical implications for teaching. They talk about seeing the relevance of Dante, Shakespeare and Milton to the lives of today's more gender-aware and ethnically diverse students. They are open to a variety of faculty viewpoints, each of which offers the gift of insight to colleagues both in this country and abroad."

Reinventing Undergraduate Education (Boyer Commission on Educating Undergraduates in the Research University)

Comprehensive 1998 document covering the following topics:

Women in Higher Education

A monthly news journal for women administrators, staff, and faculty in universities in the United States and Canada. (Requires subscription fee).

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