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Charting Your Course:
Drafting Learning Objectives and Selecting Assessment

Many college teachers are using methods of evaluating learning that are more authentically related to later uses of learning than are conventional tests. The primary purpose of student "performance assessment" is to provide feedback to student and teacher so that learning can be facilitated. Examples of such assessment (in addition to research papers and annotated bibliographies) include: case studies, simulations, graphic representations of concepts, journals, portfolios, peer assessment, and group work assessment. "Classroom assessment is the term popularized by Pat Cross and Tom Angelo in their book, Classroom Assessment Techniques, to describe a variety of non-graded methods of getting feedback on student learning. Our discussion will focus on assessments that are learning experiences as well as thoughtfully constructed evaluation devices.

November 15, 2006 - Kathi Inman Berens & Danielle Mihram

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