How Students Learn

Event description

Recent developments in educational and cognitive psychology have changed our views of the teaching and learning processes, and provide both conceptual and practical information about the ways that students learn and how instructors can use this information to inform their teaching practice. We now know that it is the interaction of good instructional practices with students' strategic use of learning strategies and skills, motivational processes and self-regulation that results in positive learning outcomes. In this session we shall examine how you can help students become more effective learners. We shall examine the importance of helping students to differentiate between, and reflect on, educational goals and course-goals as well as learn how to build on existing knowledge. We shall also look at strategic teaching: both at the domain of the course (how to think and write as a biologist) and with regard to the course-specific materials and pedagogy (how lectures and labs are organized, how collaborative problem solving is structured). We will consider the need for selecting methods that take into account cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as different ways of knowing. We shall also look at ways to monitor students' learning progress and how to encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning ("intentional learning strategies").


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