Module 3: Working with Students

This online module is designed to help new teaching assistants learn how to work professionally with students. You will find here video clips from faculty, undergraduate students and current TAs, as well as quizzes, helpful information and a place to provide feedback. We intend that people who study this website will be able to do the following:

  • Define and describe key USC policies around professionalism as well as students with disabilities
  • Recognize the rationale behind the above policies and other important student issues, particularly diversity
  • List resources available to assist you with these matters
  • List university resources for academic integrity and harassment
  • Explain common parameters of professional behavior, including:
    • demeanor
    • dress
    • not dating students
    • not being their best friends
  • Choose and communicate your availability outside of class (including office hours) according to USC policy, professor expectations & your own personal time requirements.

Table of Contents