ITA Language Institute Schedule


Sunday, August 3

11:00am - 3:30pm LUNCH Everybody's Kitchen (EVK) - Only for those staying in USC housing

1:00pm Housing Check-In beginning at 1pm in the EVK College Residence Hall Customer Service Center (CSC) 635 McCarthy Way, near Gate 3

for all staying in USC housing.

6:00pm DINNER at EVK (for those staying in USC housing)

Monday, August 4

9:00am ITA Language Institute Check-In (DML 240)

9:15am Welcome Remarks

9:30am Plenary 1: Expectations of ITAs: Panel of Advisors and TA Coordinators (TBD)

10:25am Students' Expectations of ITAs: Panel of uSCs and ITAs (TBD)

11:20am Presentation of Testing Information

11:35am Introduction of ALI Director, ITA testing Coordinator, and Instructors

11:45am Classroom Assignments

12:00pm LUNCH (EVK - everyone welcome)

1:00pm First Class Meeting(TBD)

3:30pm Passport Verification (Location To Be Determined (TBD))

Tuesday, August 5

9:00am Module 1: Overview & Language Resources (Locations TBD)

10:30am Module 2: 1st Day of Class - Setting the Tone: Presentation #1: Presenting a Confident Image of Yourself and Class

12:00pm LUNCH (EVK - everyone welcome)

1:00pm Module 3: Language of the University: Key Expressions & Strategies (Locations TBD)

2:30pm Module 4: Language & Pronunciation: Word Stress Patterns; 100 Term List (Locations TBD)

Wednesday, August 6

9:00am Module 5: Targeted Areas of Pronunciation: Vowels and Consonant; Language Review (Locations TBD)

10:30am Module 6: Language of the University: Asking, Requesting, & Suggesting (Locations TBD)

12:00pm LUNCH (EVK - everyone welcome)

1:00pm Module 7: Handling Questions in the Classroom (Locations TBD)

2:30pm ISE Examination (written portion) (>100 TOEFL iBT exempt) Location TBD
or For those not needing to take the ISE (written portion) Alternate Activity TBD

Thursday, August 7

9:00am Module 8: Presenting Information: Useful Classroom Expressions (Locations TBD)

10:30am Module 9: ITA-Student Relations: Sticky Situations and Resources for Help (Locations TBD)

12:00pm LUNCH (EVK - everyone welcome)

1:00pm Module 10: Language and Pronunciation: Intonation, Rhythm and Stress in Message Units (Locations TBD)

2:30pm Module 11: Components of Defining a Term; Term Presentation (Locations TBD)

Friday, August 8

9:00am Module 12: Presentation Feedback: Pronunciation, Language, Discourse (Locations TBD)


12:00pm LUNCH (EVK - everyone welcome)