General Information on Teaching Techniques

General Information on Teaching Techniques

Pointers and Clickers
Features many resources, including the technology tip of the month, from the Illinois Online Network.

Teaching at Berkeley: Publications
Several different publications on improving teaching skills, including lectures, class discussions, exams, motivating students and more.

Problem-Based Learning, Stanford University
This Center at Samford University is a clearinghouse of information on problem-based learning in undergraduate and professional education. Resources include publications, online articles, bibliographies, mailing lists, conferences/workshops, and links to other problem-based learning sites.

Critical Thinking Community
The College/University Education section includes published and unpublished writings focused on the background and theory of critical thinking, and curriculum guidelines and lesson plans for developing critical thinking skills in students.

Teaching Tips, UMass Amherst
Some material is particularly suited to Teaching Assistants, but also includes general teaching material, such as Creating Inclusive Classrooms, Course Design & Preparation, Approaches to Instruction, etc. From the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

UCSB Faculty Handbok for Teaching
Contains material specific to UCSB faculty and links to broader material such as teaching techniques, resources, etc. From the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Instructional Resources, McMaster Psychology Dept
Includes topics: Course Syllabus, Creating a Lesson Plan, Teaching Techniques, Communication Improvements and Classroom Assessment Techniques. From the Department of Psychology, McMaster University.

The Penn State Teacher II
Teaching handbook that contains general practical advice. Topics include Designing a Class, Matching Teaching Methods to Objectives, and Assessing Teaching and Learning. About half of the information from the print edition is available here online. From the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.

Teaching at Stanford
An excellent handbook from Stanford University’s Center for Learning and Teaching. Includes sections on course preparation, teaching strategies, evaluating students, interactions with students, improving your teaching and much more.

Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon
Topics such as Troubleshooting Your Class, Effective Assessment, Teaching With Technology and more.

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning, Indiana University
Topics include Collaborative Learning, Creating Syllabi, Evaluating Teaching, Lecture & Discussion, Teaching Large Classes and more.

Teaching Tips, Honolulu Community College

Quick Tips for Teaching, Nebraska

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