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Malpractice and Medical Error: When Doctors Screw Up

Becoming a Physician series, February 8, 2006

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Event description: by Joshua Hornstein

Despite our best efforts, mistakes are made in medicine and patients are hurt. What can be done to help these patients? Medical malpractice laws are society's remedy to compensate patients for medicine's harms and damages. Are they working? Are patients being fairly compensated? Are lawyers encouraging too many frivolous lawsuits? Is malpractice causing doctors to practice overly defensive medicine to avoid being sued? Are outrageous settlements and exorbitant malpractice premiums forcing doctors out of practice ? What should be done?

To help us answer these questions and understand the controversies surrounding the medical malpractice crisis, join us on Wednesday, February 8, 5pm at Taper Hall 101, for the first of three discussions this semester in the 3rd season of the "Becoming A Physician" healthcare ethics speaker series. The talk is titled: "Malpractice and Medical Error: When Doctors Screw Up" and we will be joined by two expert panelists who will explore the medical and legal dimensions of medical malpractice. These speakers include: