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Terri's Tragedy: What We Can Learn from the Schiavo Case

Becoming a Physician, September 2005

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Event description: by Joshua Hornstein

The story of Terri Schiavo is truly heartbreaking. It is extraordinary to think how family members, doctors, ethicists, lawyers, judges, politicians, and religious leaders all participated in making a tragedy of the short life and horribly public death of a typical American woman. . . Terri Schiavo. One question most of us want answered is: What (if anything) should we have learned from the nightmare of Terri's life?

To help answer this question and understand the controversies surrounding the life and death of Terri Schiavo, enjoy the taped lecture from Thursday, September 8, 2005, at Taper Hall of Humanities Auditorium. This is the first of three discussions for the Fall semester in the 2nd annual "Becoming A Physician" speaker series on medical ethics and professionalism.

The talk is titled: "Terri's Tragedy: What Can We Learn From The Schiavo Case?" and includes presentations from three expert panelists who explore the legal, political, commercial, social, and medical dimensions of the Schiavo case. These speakers include:

The program is moderated by Joshua Hornstein, a fourth-year undergraduate pre-medical and philosophy student. He is the program director of the Becoming A Physician speaker series and president of the student organization, Future Physicians for Ethical Responsibility.