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TEACHnology: Beyond PowerPoint

Podcasting, Videocasting & Live Internet Discussions: Charles McKenna, November 14, 2005

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Event description

Technology now offers an increasing number of intuitive, reliable, "ready for prime time" tools to help faculty excel in advancing the learning of their students. Using technology to help achieve your instructional outcomes can be manageable and rewarding.

This seminar is for all faculty - those using some technology, those exploring the variety of technologies now readily available, or those contemplating how these technologies might help them meet challenges they face daily. The presenter (an award-winning teacher recently featured in the Daily Trojan for his innovative use of Podcasts) will explore myriad ways of maximizing cutting edge technology. The program will include live connections to Russia, Michigan, and the Health Sciences Campus, as well as demonstration of Prof. McKenna's use of video iPods.