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Physician Assisted Suicide: Dignity or Desertion?

Becoming a Physician series, March 3, 2005

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Event description: by Joshua Hornstein

YEAH, BUT IS IT RIGHT? Sure, you saw "Million Dollar Baby." But did Hilary Swank have a RIGHT to ask what she did at the end? If asked, what would YOU have done? If you were a Florida DOCTOR, LAWYER, JUDGE, SPOUSE, PARENT, GOVERNOR, would you pull the plug on Terri Schiavo? Will you support the passage of the CALIFORNIA bill which would legalize (like Oregon) physician-assisted suicide? Becoming a Physician is more than passing chemistry, physics, and biology. It is being a well-rounded professional who can intelligently and compassionately speak to these important legal and moral questions. The first lecture in the pre-health series on STEM CELLS was wildly successful... over 300 students attended. Join us as we debate another controversial issue in our lecture series.

The speakers included: