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Money, Morals, & Medicine: Commercialism Meets Professionalism

Becoming a Physician series, March 31, 2005

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Event description: by Joshua Hornstein

Medicine is not simply MERCHANDISE, and the relationship between the doctor and patient is profanely distorted when conceived in terms of ECONOMICS: the doctor a merchant, the patient a customer. What comes to pass in the doctor's office is profoundly a HUMAN association, involving CONCERN, TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY. The doctor is commander-in-chief in the battle for survival. It is no secret that the image of the doctor in the mind of the public and profession itself is deteriorating. The admiration for medical science is increasing, the respect for its practitioners is decreasing.

Is dehumanization and commercialization the price we must pay for technical progress? If medicine is not to lose its calling, it must be concerned with its own health. I invite you to understand this "diagnosis" a little better... Enjoy the third lecture from the first semester of the Becoming A Physician speaker series where we discuss the issue "Money, Morals, and Medicine: Commercialism Meets Professionalism."

The event featured 3 expert panelists: