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Engaging Students in a Learner-Centered Classroom

Lawford Anderson, Doe Mayer & Nandini Rajagopalan, September 2005

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As higher education moves from teaching-centered to learner-centered, this session is intended to provide a common base on how to engage students throughout their learning experience. In the "classrooms without walls," it becomes ever more important that faculty exchange creative approaches to engage their students. We will examine the relevance of the classroom experience, the importance of knowing our students, and time-indifferent and newer methods leading to engaging students. It will also explore how modern technology has expanded the learning experience and, at times, has failed. "What still works and what does not" will be a topic for open discussion. Imbedded throughout the session will be an examination on how we can do better with more, with "more" meaning not only more resources but also a greater distance at times, given that some students will have substantial portions of their learning away from the classroom.