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2013-2014 : Congratulations to the faculty of these recently funded projects!

Steve Bucher and Martha Townsend
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences and Viterbi School of Engineering

Vicki Callahan and Shelly Wattenbarger
School of Cinematic Arts

Lisa Collins, David Ginsburg, and Kristen Weiss
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Benjamin Graham
School of International Relations, Dorsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Cymra Haskell, David Crombecque and Francis Bonahon
Dorsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Elsi Kaiser and Rachel Walker
Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Thomas Lyon
Gould School of Law, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Jean-Michel Maarek
Viterbi School of Engineering

Jelena Mirkovic
Viterbi School of Engineering

Laura Serna
School of Cinematic Arts

Atiyeh Showrai
French and Italian, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


Liz Falletta
Sol Price School of Public Policy

David Gerber and Kristine Mun

David Ginsberg, Lisa Collins, and Juliana Wang
Environmental Studies, Dorsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Albert Herrera and Michael Moore
Biological Sciences, Dorsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Sharoni Little
Marshall School of Business

Ellis Meng
Biomedical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering

Jeb Middlebrook
Sociology, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Elahe Nezami
Institute For Prevention Research, Keck School of Medicine

Jefferey Sellers
Political Science, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Liana Stepanyan
Spanish and Portugese, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Adlai Wertman
Marshall School of Business


Gail Peter Borden

John E. Bowlt
Slavic Languages and Literatures, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Wolf Gruner
History, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Science

Virginia Kuhn and Heather Wipfli
Institute of Multimedia Literacy, School of Cinematic Arts, and Health Profession, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Science

C. Ted Lee
Chemical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering

Najamedin Meshaskati and Greg Placencia
Industrial Systems Engineering,Viterbi School of Engineering

Shahin Nazarian, Bilal Zafar, Mark Redekopp, and Sandeep Gupta
Electrical Engineering,Viterbi School of Engineering

Hovig Tchalian
Viterbi School of Engineering

Holly Willis
Institute of Multimedia Literacy, School of Cinematic Art


Mina M. Chow and Norman Hollyn

Lynn Dodd

Alon Frydman
School of Dentistry, Division of Periodontology

Joseph Hawkins
Anthropology and Gender Studies

Karen Kensek and Douglas Noble

Karen Koblitz and Veronika Krausas
Roski School of Fine Arts, Thornton School of Music

Rose Layton

Viet Nguyen
English and American Studies & Ethnicity

Sarah Portnoy and Roberto Ignacio Diaz

Steven J. Ross

John Wilson


Gail Peter Borden and Charles Lagreco

Steve Cunningham and Rick Schmunk
Music Industry

Sandra Ferrari Disner and Louis M. Goldstein

Sarah Gualtieri and Ramzi Rouighi

Kyung Moon Hwang

Richard Meyer and Selma Holo
Art History, USC Fisher Musuem

Geoffrey Middlebrook
The Writing Program

Shri Narayanan and Tara Chklovski
Viterbi School of Engineering

Mark Redekopp and Michael Crowley
Viterbi School of Engineering

David Wilczynski and Michael Crowley
Viterbi School of Engineering


Jolanta Aritz, Steve Byars, Lucy Lee, Sharoni Little, Naomi Warren, Janna Wong
Marshall School of Business
Advanced Writing for Business

Stephanie Bower and John Murray
USC College Writing Program
Writing for the Community

Virginia Kuhn and DJ Johnson
Institute for Multimedia Literacy
The Praxis of New Media

Najm Meshkati
Viterbi School of Engineering
School of Engineering and Public Policy: Leadership and Understanding of Technical Solutions to Real-World Problems

Mansour Rahimi
Viterbi School of Engineering
Engineering in the Developing World: Institutionalizing Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USC) at Viterbi

Helena Seli
Rossier School of Education
Creating an On-line Learning Environment for Motivation and Learning Strategies

Jeffrey Sellers
USC College
The Politics of Environmental Crisis

Tok Thompson and Alison Dundes Renteln
USC College

Shelly Wattenbarger aka Trixy Sweetvittles
School of Cinematic Arts
Directed Studies - Youth Animation Workshop

USC News Story 04/03/07

Lawford Anderson and Scott Paterson, Department of Earth Sciences
USC College Geologic Wonders of Yosemite at Two Miles High

Sheila Briggs, School of Religion, USC College
Christianity in the Roman Empire

G. Wayne Glass, School of International Relations
Nuclear Security and USC: Bridges to Washington and Moscow

Midori Goto, Thornton School of Music
String Chamber Music

Judith Jackson Fossett, American Studies and Ethnicity, and Department of English, USC College, and Ariela Gross, The Law School
Law, Race, and Slavery in Comparative Perspective

Patrick James, School of International Relations
International Relations

Sven Koenig, Department of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Joseph Kunc, Astronautics and Space Technology Division, Viterbi School of Engineering
"Hands On" Space Technology Teaching Methodology with Prototype Hardware through Flight Testing

Steven Lamy, School of International Relations
Problem Based Learning in International Relations

Sara Loe, School of Architecture
Traditional Materials: New Investigations

Jill McNitt-Gray, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering
Bioenergetics and Human Performance

Robert B. Turrill and Gary Goldsmith, School of Cinematic Arts
Adaptation of Experiential Teaching of Teamwork to the Core Course Sequence in Cinema Production

David Wilczynski and Michael Crowley, Department of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering
Principles of Software Development & User Interface Design and Implementation

Cecilia Woloch and Aimee Bender, Department of English, USC College
The Writer in the Community


Julie Carver, Annenberg School for Communication
Applied Debate, Communication 141

Jack Feinberg Department of Physics and Astronomy, USC College
Physics of Art and Medicine, a variant of Physics 100

Phyllis Green and Karen Koblitz, School of Fine Arts
New Three Dimensional Modeling Class (3D: Real and Virtual), FA 499

Albert Herrera and William McClure, Department of Biological Sciences, USC College
Redesign of a Large Introductory Biology Class, BISC 220

Margaret Lazzari, School of Fine Arts
Enhancing the Beginning Drawing Course, FA 101A

C. Ted Lee, Jr., Department of Chemical Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering
Degree Projects: Incorporating Nano and Bio Research into the Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Philippa Levine, Department of History, USC College
The Evolution Debates, HIST 255g

Caryl Levy, School of Fine Arts
Creating a Podcast Walking Tour of Downtown Los Angeles Public Art, PAS 371

Maja J. Mataric', Department of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering
Interdisciplinary Integrative Robotics for Hands-On Collaborative Learning, ENG 105

Megan O'Neil, Department of Art History, USC College
History of World Arts... in Los Angeles, AHIS 100

Gary Rosen, Cymra Haskell, Chunming Wang and Mohammed Ziane, Department of Mathematics, USC College
Freshman Calculus as a Laboratory Science: Training Mathematicians for the 21st Century


Lon Kurashige, Department of History, and Saori N. Katada, School of International Relations, USC College
America in the Pacific World

Natania Meeker and Antonia Szabari, Department of French, USC College
A New Approach to French Civilization (French 464): Secularism and Its Discontents: Religion and Public Life in Franco-American Contexts

John Walsh, Davis School of Gerontology
Multimedia Learning Tool (MLT) to Create Learner-Centered Instruction for Gerontology 414: Neurobiology of Aging

Bruce Zuckerman, School of Religion, USC College, and Anne Balsamo, Gender Studies, USC College, and Institute for Multimedia Literacy
The Digital Reading Wall: A Dynamic Presentation of the Origins and Development of Writing in Light of Modern Technologies of Communication


Stephen O'Leary, Annenberg School for Communication
Genocide, Humanitarian Intervention and the Media

Kelly Musick, Department of Sociology, USC College
New Family Forms in Social Context: Connecting Theory, Practice and Community

Sofia Ruiz-Alfaro and Claudia Soria, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Creating an Online Reader for Spanish 240

James Walker, Thornton School of Music
The Thornton Protégé Program

David Wilczynski and Michael Crowley, Computer Science Department, Viterbi School of Engineering
Changing and Innovating Computer Science 201: Principles of Software Development


Norah Ashe and Kathi Inman Berens, the Writing Program, USC College
AngeLingo, an Interdisciplinary Online Journal

William McComas, Undergraduate/TE Program, Rossier School of Education
The Misconception Synthesis Project

John Pollini and Nicholas Cipolla, Department of Art History, USC College; Lynn Swartz Dodd, School of Religion and Archaeological Research Collection, USC College
Imaging Antiquity: Creating Context through Virtual Reconstructions, Digital Resources, and Traditional Media


Neil Gross, Department of Sociology, USC College
Putting Theory into Context

Frank Manis, Department of Psychology, USC College
The Virtual Child Website

Vanessa R. Schwartz, Department of History, USC College
Popular Culture and Visual Culture Courses: Multi-Media Courseware Development

Lorraine Turcotte, Department of Kinesiology, USC College
Using Multi-Media Tools in Lab Sessions to Enhance the Learning of Muscle Physiologic Concepts and to Promote the Understanding of the Integration of these Concepts with Mechanical Principles


Amy Binder, Department of Sociology, USC College
Political Sociology from the Ground Up: Appreciating Social Movements through Service Learning

Joseph Boone, Department of English, USC College
Developing an Interdisciplinary, Multimedia Course in Gender Studies on Lesbian and Gay Culture for the Revamping Gender Studies Program

Bryan Burns, Department of Classics, USC College
Archaeological Links from Ancient Remains to Modern Technology

Judith Grant, Department of Political Science, USC College

Alexander Hars, Department of Information & Operations Management, Marshall School of Business
Virtual Discourse Space: An Interactive System Supporting Students in Effective Class Preparation

Chris Poulsen, Department of Earth Sciences, USC College
Using Multimedia Applications and Simulation to Explore Climate Change

Steven Ross, Department of History, USC College
Film and Society: A New Course Aimed at Providing Students with Critical Tools to Aid them as Scholars and Citizens

Jefferey Sellers, Department of Political Science, USC College
Innovative International Approaches to Teaching the Politics of Cities and Regions

Phiroze Vasunia, Department of Classics, USC College
New Approaches to Classical Mythology


Howard Gillman, Department of Political Science, USC College
Enhancing Collaborative Learning in Undergraduate Courses Through the Development of Moot Court Simulations

Kyung Moon Hwang, Department of History, USC College
The History of East Asian Civilization: A Comparative, Multi-Disciplinary Experience

Heather James, Department of English and Comparative Literature, USC College
Bringing Renaissance Drama to General Education

Scott Paterson and Steve Lund, Department of Earth Sciences, USC College
Incorporating Modern Technology into a Historical Perspective of the Nature of Scientific Inquiry

Alison Renteln, Department of Political Science, USC College
Seminar in Human Rights: Theory and Practice

Hilary Schor, Gender Studies Program and Department of English, USC College, and Elinor Accampo, Gender Studies Program and Department of History, USC College
Revision of Gender Studies 210gm, "Social Issues in Gender"

Richard Sundeen, School of Policy, Planning, and Development
Public Service in an Urban Setting

Lorraine Turcotte, Department of Kinesiology, USC College
Using Multi-media Techniques in Laboratory Sessions to Enhance Learning of the Metabolic Pathways in Lecture

Bruce Zuckerman and Lynn Swartz Dodd, School of Religion, USC College; John Pollini, Department of Art History, USC College; and Robin Romans, Thematic Option Program, USC College
Accessing Antiquity: Actual Objects in Virtual Spaces


Gerald J. Bakus, Department of Biological Sciences, USC College
Quantitative Biology

Sharon Carnicke, Theatre
The Ballets Russes as a Crossroads of the Arts

Steve Bucher and Joseph Devinny, Department of Civil/Environmental Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering
Creating an On-Line Multimedia Engineering Journal

JoAnn M. Farver, Department of Psychology, USC College
Linking Learning to Real Life: Integrating Developmental Psychology and Social Policy with Community Service

Jason Glenn, Department of History, USC College
From Medieval History to the Medieval Culture

Mark Kann, Department of Political Science, USC College
Modeling Multimedia Analysis in the Classroom

Maja Mataric, Department of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering
A Hands-On Introduction to Robotics using LEGO Robot Kits

Charles Sammis, Department of Earth Sciences, USC College
A Systems Approach to Education in the Earth Sciences at USC

Marita Sturken, Annenberg School for Communication
Advertising and Society


During the academic years 1995-98, this fund was used by the University to match the funding provided by a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ("The New Hewlett Interdisciplinary Alternatives in General Education").


Gerald J. Bakus, Biological Sciences, USC College
Learning About Ecology and the Environment through Multimedia.

Carolyn Dewald and Joseph Smith, Classics, USC College
Multimedia Innovation in an Undergraduate General Education/Freshman Writing Course.

Glenn Harcourt, Art History -- Fine Arts
Fine Arts CD-ROM Database.

Eve Roberts, Acting -- Theatre
Media Acting


Marlene Zichi Cohen, Nursing
Curriculum for Case Management: An Innovative Approach to Cost-Effective Health Care.

Deborah Estrin and Peter Danzig, Computer Science
Multimedia Operating Systems and Computer Networks.

Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Rafael Saavedra, Computer Science
Introduction to Parallel Computing.

Jean-Michel Maarek and Musa Hakan Asyali, Biomedical Engineering
Interactive Software Tool for Teaching Nerve Cell Physiology.

D. Brendan Nagle, Steve Chrissanthos, and Paul Rittman, History
Curricular Materials for University Diversity Requirement.

Alison Dundes Renteln, Political Science
Guide to Research in Comparative Law.

Manbir Singh, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Design of a Biomedical Imaging Teaching Laboratory.

Niraj Verma, Urban and Regional Planning
Proposal for a Computerized Game to Teach Politics & Ethics in Planning.


J. Lawford Anderson, Geological Sciences
Only One Earth.

Bernard Comrie, Linguistics
Languages of the World: Curricular Materials.

William Cooke, Physics
Home Videos to Illustrate Introductory Physics.

Myron Dembo, Robert Rueda, and Harry O'Neil Jr., Education
Learning Strategies for Knowledge Acquisition.

Cynthia Hedricks, Occupational Therapy
Hormones and the Social Environment.

Marsha Kinder, Cinema Television (Critical Studies)
The Roger Rabbit Interactive Media Project

Jill McNitt-Gray, Exercise Science
Principles of Mechanics Brought to Life with Video Based Teaching Tools.

John Thomas, Music (Jazz Studies)
Transcribing Acoustical Music: Utilizing Computer Technology


Peter Danzig, Computer Science
Simulation and Data Analysis.

Lawrence Harris, Business
The Corporate Achievement and Trading Exchange Game.

Eric Heikkila, Urban and Regional Planning
Comparative View of Pacific Rim Cities.

Karen Pincus, Business
Technological Support for Classroom Instructors in Core Concepts of Accounting Information.

Michael Robinson and Rudy Koshar, History
Popular Culture and the Contemporary Transitional.

Steven Ross, History
Film, Power, and American Social History.

Barbara Sarter and Linda McDermott, Nursing
Community Health Outreach Project.


James P. Gee, Linguistics
Critical Thinking and Writing in General Education and Composition: A Workshop for faculty Teaching Freshman-only Courses

Diane Ghirardo, Architecture
Forging the Link Between Literature and the City

Susan R. Horton, Journalism
Using Public Records: An Instructional Video

Steven L. Lamy, International Relations
International and Intercultural Strtegies for Teaching and Learning

Margit Omar, Fine Arts
Graffiti on the Berlin Wall: A Comparative Investigation of American and European Graffiti


No information available.


Bruce D. Abramson, Computer Science
An Introduction to Computing as a Displine.

Yen-hui Audrey Li, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Computer Oriented Network for Unified Chinese In-Use Studies - Project CONFUCIUS.

Ellen Quandhahl, English
Innovative Teaching and Undergraduate Writing.

William M. Rideout, Education
Educational Options for Black South Africans Primary and Secondary School Students

Jay S. Willis, Fine Arts
Art in Public Spaces

Jennifer R. Wolch, Urban and Regional Planning
Animals and the Moral Landscape.


M. Michael Appleman, Biological Sciences
The AIDS Course.

Tridib Banerjee, Urban and Regional Planning
Innovative Instructional Resources for Teaching PLUS 250g: Third World Cities.

David A. Berman, Pharmacology
Drugs in History, Culture and Art.

Kenneth M. Doxsee, Chemistry
Development of Laboratory Program in Nobel Prize Winning Chemistry.

James Ferris and Richard Sundeen, Public Administration
Field Studies Methodology for Course: – The Voluntary Sector and the Urban Interest”.

Donald Freeman, English
Using On-line Data Bases to Incorporate the Research Paper into the Composition Course.

Joan M. McDowd, Psychology
Project SAGE: A Curriculum Tool for the Study of Aging.

Herbert Shore, Cinema-Television
Black Urban Performing Arts in South Africa.


David Eggenschwiler, English
Literature and Ideology.

John E. Elliott, Economics
Political Economy and Social Thought in Western Culture.

Margaret R. Lazzari, Fine Arts
Testing New Projects for Basic Design on the Computer.

Penelope Richardson, Education
Education for Lifelong Learning: Teaching Freshmen at USC.,

Margaret F. Rosenthal, French
Women of Letters in the Western Tradition.

Carol B. Thompson, Political Science
Multifaceted Learning Techniques.

John Veitch, Economics
A Computer Graphics Simulation Program for Introductory Undergraduate Macroeconomics


Edward Cray, Journalism
Cinedex Editing Project to Illustrate by Newsreel Footage Important Areas of U.S. History.

Paul W. Knoll, History
Freshman Seminar: The University in History -- Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

Paul La Rose, Music
Educational Processing System.

George Legrady, Fine Arts
Computers in the Visual Arts

Jay Martin, English
Proposal for the Innovative Development of a General Education, Non-Major Course.

William W. May, Religion
The Contemporary Hospice Movement: A New Approach to the Care of the Dying.

Charles E. Oxnard et al., Anatomy and Cell Biology
Similarities and Differences Between the Sexes: Biological, Sociological, and Psychological Integration.

Lawrence A. Singer, Chemistry
Exploring the Advantages of In-Lab Videotape Presentations in the General Chemistry Laboratory Program at USC.


Eric J. Amis, Chemistry
Automated Spectrochecial Analysis of Chemical Reactions for the Undergraduate Analytical Chemical Laboratory.

J. Douglas Andrews, Business Communications
Undergraduate Program Laboratory.

Lois W. Banner, History, and Program for the Study of Women and Men in Society
Women, Men, and Western Civilization.

Eunice D. Howe, Fine Arts
Northern Renaissance Art.

Mark E. Kann, Political Science
A Survey and Analysis of How the Major Undergraduate Teaching Units at USC Develop, Recognize, and Reward Teaching Excellence and Innovation.