Application Procedures

Applications for funding support should include the Cover Sheet (available here as a pdf document) and the proposal (see below). The FIUT is currently not being offered.

Please include the following information in your proposal:

  1. Proposal Cover Sheet
    Fund for Innovative Undergraduate Teaching Cover Sheet - Download Cover Sheet
  2. Proposal Abstract
    Abstracts of funded proposals will be posted on the CET website.
  3. Background Information
    Describe the course as it currently exists and the problem or need that your project addresses. Write a brief description of the course, the course goals and the student learning objectives, as well as the methods you use to teach, the course's function within and outside of the student's major, and the type of student who usually takes the course.
  4. Proposed Changes or Innovations
    Describe the types of changes or innovations that you are thinking of incorporating into the course, indicating how these changes will demonstrably affect both the learning environment and the student learning in your course. Please indicate whether your proposed change or innovation is an extension or a modification of best practices or methods and/or strategies relating to effective teaching and learning in your discipline.
  5. Significance/Impact
    Include specific details on the significance of your project in addressing the perceived problem/need and its potential impact on the department/program and the University. Possible influencing factors: improved learning effectiveness, increased number of students, transferability of innovation within the University, opportunity for faculty to adopt a new learning strategy that would transfer to other courses they teach.
  6. Assessment of Student Learning
    Indicate how you plan to assess student learning as a result of the proposed change or innovation.
  7. Timeline
    Outline any changes that you have already undertaken, and include a timeline indicating the projected completion dates.
  8. Budget Request
    Please include a budget request with sufficient narrative to explain the proposed expenditures. Fringe benefits must accompany salary requests, using the current year's rate. All funds must be expended by 30 June 2014.
  9. Additional Sources of Support
    Please indicate whether the project is receiving funding assistance from any other source (e.g., matching funding from department or school, Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund), and if so, the nature and amount of such support. Matching funds or contributing funds from the school, division, or department for materials and supplies, equipment, or Teaching Assistants are greatly encouraged.
  10. Proposal Submissions
    A single PDF of the application should be sent to

    The text and budget should be in double-spaced format with a 12-point font. The entire proposal should not exceed 10 pages in length. Appendices are not accepted.


Questions about the Fund for Innovative Undergraduate Teaching should be addressed to the Center for Excellence in Teaching at (213) 821-3925.