Research Statements

Event Description

This workshop is focused on the development of a first-class research statement, an essential ingredient in the faculty hiring process at top-ranked colleges and universities, particularly those with a research emphasis. Topics to be discussed in the workshop will include the definition of a research statement and its principal components: a clear statement of the problem or problem set being addressed, a summary of the state of the art, the articulation of research methodologies and approaches, a summary of progress to date, a statement of the research's impact on the state of the art to date, proposed research initiatives, the end goals of the effort, and the potential for incorporating this research in the classroom setting. In some cases, it may be desirable as well to describe the new facilities that would be either needed or developed to facilitate the research.

Feb 15, 2006: Development of a Research Statement (1-2pm, GFS 106): Armand Tanguay & Nancy Lutkehaus


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