Academic Careers Week Handouts

September 9 - 12, 2013


Chronicle of Higher Education - links for those seeking academic jobs

Writing your Cover Letter & CV
Monday September 9

Recommended reading:
Academic Job Search Book - Julia Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong

Career Center - "Action Verbs"

Career Center - "Cover Letters"

Cover Letter Example - John Walsh

CV Example -John Walsh

Cover Letters, Columbia University

Writing an Academic Cover Letter, University of Minnesota

Additional Information on Cover Letters
Additional Information on CVs

Negotiating the Academic Job Offer
Tuesday September 10

Average Faculty Salaries

Average Faculty Salaries Table

Career Center - "Evaluating an Offer"

Additional Information on Negotiating an Academic Job Offer

Instant Contact: How to Shine in 1 or 2 Minutes on your Interview Day
Wednesday September 11

Interviewing Guidelines, Tips, and Techniques

Career Center - "The Interview - Get Ready"

Career Center - "Etiquette"

Career Center - "Different Types"

Career Center - "What Will They Ask"

Additional Information on Interviewing

Drafting your Teaching Philosophy / Research Statement
Thursday September 12

Additional information on Teaching Philosophy

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