Academic Careers Week Handouts

September / October 2015


Chronicle of Higher Education - links for those seeking academic jobs

Websites / Listservs for Job Hunting

Writing your Cover Letter & CV
Monday September 28

Recommended reading:
Academic Job Search Book - Julia Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong

Career Center - "Action Verbs"

Career Center - "Cover Letters"

Cover Letter Example - John Walsh

CV Example -John Walsh

Cover Letters, Columbia University

Writing an Academic Cover Letter, University of Minnesota

Additional Information on Cover Letters
Additional Information on CVs

Instant Contact: How to Shine in 1 or 2 Minutes on your Interview Day
Tuesday September 29

Interviewing Guidelines, Tips, and Techniques

Career Center - "The Interview - Get Ready"

Career Center - "Etiquette"

Career Center - "Different Types"

Career Center - "What Will They Ask"

Additional Information on Interviewing

Negotiating the Academic Job Offer
Wednesday September 30

AAUP Faculty Salary Data

AAUP Economic Report

Average Faculty Salary Survey

Career Center - "Evaluating an Offer"

Negotiating With 'Scientific Eyes' (or Dad Really Did Know Best)

Additional Information on Negotiating an Academic Job Offer

Drafting your Teaching Philosophy / Research Statement
Thursday October 1

Rubric for Statements of Teaching Philosophy

Rubric for Scoring Statements of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy Template

Prompts for Starting Your Teaching Philosophy

Why do I Teach?

Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Market

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Additional information on Teaching Philosophy

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