Resources for New Faculty

Faculty development institutes

Best practices in course design and teaching, focusing on online instruction

Accelerated Online Teaching Intensive – a semester-long program with both synchronous and asynchronous components facilitated by a CET Instructional Designer

Virtual New Faculty Institute – a totally asynchronous, semester-long program facilitated by a CET Instructional Designer

Independent Review Resources for Online Teaching  – access to the Accelerated Online Teaching Intensive content, self-paced, with no facilitator

Top ten resources for new faculty

  1. Course delivery models for Fall 2020 instruction
    Flipped-Course Model
    Hybrid Streaming Model
    Residential Model
  2. Faculty Decision Chart with procedures for to handle common student situations
  3. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Instruction provides guidance on which activities are best delivered synchronously or asynchronously, with helpful examples and resources
  4. Blackboard and Zoom help from ITS
  5. Learning Objectives and Bloom’s Taxonomy guide faculty in the first important step in developing an academic course
  6. Assignment Description Template provides a model for assignment descriptions that help students produce their best work and make grading easier.
  7. The First Day of Class offers guidance for planning and preparing for the start of the semester
  8. Syllabus Template with examples 1 and 2 help guide development of your first syllabus
  9. Challenging Discussions covers planning and facilitating classroom discussions, including potentially-difficult topics
  10. Active-Learning Facilitation lays out important considerations for effectively leading learning experiences

*For general information on getting started as a new USC faculty member, see the Provost Office’s Getting Set Up as an USC Employee.

Overview of CET services for faculty

We are here for you throughout your teaching journey at USC!


We’re here for you!

Would you like to schedule a consultation with a USC Instructional Designer? Simply email If you have an idea what you’d like to discuss, then include that information in the email. If you’re not sure, that’s fine too; just send “I’d like a consult” and we’ll follow up with you.

USC ITS (Information Technology Services) provides advice and consultation assistance with educational technologies Blackboard and Zoom. For Blackboard assistance, email For Zoom, email

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