TA Training Overview

At the start of each semester, CET offers a one-day training program, mandatory to all new TAs who do not get training from their own school or department – Dornsife students should not attend this training. The event is led by CET Fellows, award-winning researchers and master teachers from across the University. In the morning, they guide students through important issues  TAs will face as a new TA, including how to work with your faculty and your students. Additionally, a panel of current TAs speaks on their experiences.

In the afternoon, the students meet in small group sessions focused on particular duties of individual TAs. They share experiences, answer questions, and offer tips on a range of topics, including giving lectures and assessing student learning.

Additional Resources

In addition to the hands-on training, all attendees should review the CET resources for new TAs. As well as CET’s Teaching Nuggets, which examines teaching techniques in further detail.

How to Lead Discussions: Effective Questioning:

Handout One: Planning Your Questions(PDF)
Handout Two: Interaction Skills (PDF)