TA Training Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the TA Training?

To ensure a successful TA experience right from the start, all new TAs must attend a training program. CET offers training to all TAs in departments and schools that do not offer their own training. Dornsife students do not need to attend the CET TA Training.

Does a student need to prepare anything for the TA Training?

Students should review the CET resources for new TAs. Additionally, during the afternoon small-group sessions students may be asked to speak on a subject or a concept in their field to work on their presentation skills. TA Coordinators/Graduate Student Services Coordinators should be sure to mention this to students to allow them to “gather their thoughts” and be ready for the training.

How do I register?

If you are a student, speak with your department or school’s TA Coordinator/Graduate Student Services Coordinators and ask if you should attend. If you are a TA Coordinator/Graduate Advisor, click here to register new TAs for this program.

Is there a make-up session?

CET does not hold a make-up session for any TA Training.

How do I cancel a registration?

TA Coordinators/Graduate Student Services Coordinators should click here to cancel a registration.

What should a student do if she/he misses the TA Training or if she/he receives a TAship after the TA Training?

TA Training is required for all TAs please refer to the Graduate Assistant Handbook for further details. TAs at the University are requied to receive training or orientation not only to the expectations and responsibilities of their role, but also to the resources available to support them. Students who miss CET’s TA Training should contact his/her dean and department to determine how the training requirement will be fulfilled. Each student’s TA Coordinator/Graduate Student Services Coordinators must send CET a memo stating what was covered in the training, who conducted the training, the length of the training, and when the training took place. Email CET for more information.

Can students attend the TA Training if they are not TAs?

No, at this time CET does not have the resources to accommodate students who are not TAs. Donrnsife students should not attend CET TA Training.

Can a student register her/himself for TA Training?

No, only the TA Coordinator/Graduate Advisor of a department or school can register a student for the TA Training.

When is TA Training held?

The CET University-Wide TA Training is offered twice per year. The Wednesday before classes begin in the Fall semester and the Friday before classes begin in the Spring semester.

What is the schedule for the TA Training?

Click here for the next TA Training schedule.

How do I get a copy of the Teaching Nuggets?

You can click here for that publication.