Terry L. Seip

A specialist in Southern history and race relations, Terry Seip received his doctorate from Louisiana State University in 1974. He regularly teaches the large survey course in American history and upper division courses and graduate seminars on 19th century America, the Antebellum and New South, and the Civil War--as well as a Freshman Seminar each fall on the history of editorial cartooning. Along with a Phi Kappa Phi Award for his first book, he has won teaching awards from the Social Sciences Division, Mortar Board, President's Circle, and USC Associates, and most recently the American Historical Association honored him with its Roelker Mentorship Award for Undergraduate Teaching.

Dr. Seip is particularly concerned with the training of teaching assistants and developing undergraduate mentoring. He designed and conducted TA training in the Department of History and, as a CET Fellow, he worked with departments and schools to set up discipline-specific programs to prepare graduate students for the classroom--both as teaching assistants at USC and as career. And, in the belief that mentoring is essentially an act of pedagogy and flows most naturally out of the classroom, he was also involved in setting up CET workshops on ways of fostering effective and enduring mentoring relationships between faculty and a greater number of undergraduates.