Steven L. Lamy

In foreign policy, Professor Lamy's work focuses on the analysis of foreign policy in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. He is currently working on a book that explores the domestic sources of foreign policy in the United States and European states. He recently authored a case study on the Dutch in Sreberenica: A Moral Mission Fails and a chapter on the G-8 and Human Security Issues. In international relations theory, Professor Lamy works on alternatives to realist thinking. He has written on communitarian theory and continues to explore the questions raised by scholars in the World Order Models Project and recent studies exploring the moral dimensions of international relations.

Major Publications: Contemporary International Issues: Contending Perspectives (1988); International Relations for the Twenty-First Century: A Rough Guide for Participants in Global Communities (2002). "Policy Responses to Ethno-nationalism;" "The Dutch in Yugoslavia: A Moral State Faces a Faustian Choice;" "A New Role for Like-Minded States: European Foreign Policy Choices in the 1990s;" and "Europe as a Global Actor: EC Foreign Policy in a World of Disorder" and "Teaching IR with Case Studies."

Achievements: Numerous teaching awards, including USC Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching (1987); Pi Sigma Alpha Faculty Excellence Award (1989-1990); Innovative Teaching Grant, Provost's Office, USC (1990); and Master Teacher in Harvard University's Pew Faculty Fellows Program. Member, Editorial Board of International Journal of Social Education, ISA Notes and Dushkin/McGraw-Hill Global Issues; Director of the Center for Public Education in International Affairs (1987-1992); Director, USC's Center for Excellence in Teaching; Director, SIR's Pew Initiative in Diplomatic Training (1990-1992); and Faculty Research Grant, Government of Canada, for a review of Canadian ODA programs. Associate Editor of International Studies Perspectives journal of the International Studies Association.

Consultancies: NSEP-U.S. Department of Defense; Danforth Foundation; U.S. Department of Education; University of Transkei, South Africa; and Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs-Eastern and Central Europe Project.

Ph.D.: University of Denver Field: Foreign Policy Analysis; Regional Studies-Europe; EU and U.S.-EU relations, and NATO and security issues in Europe; and IR Theory and Active Learning Strategies in IR.

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