Mark E. Kann

Mark E. Kann, Professor of Political Science and History, holds the USC Associates Chair in Social Science. He is the author of seven books and editor of two books and has published dozens of academic articles on the American founding, democracy, and gender. His most recent book is Punishment, Prisons, and Patriarchy (2005), a study of the political theory of prison reform in early America.

Currently, Dr. Kann is a Fellow of the Annenberg Center for Communication where he is researching theories, policies, and practices involving democracy and the Internet. He is also helping to develop USC's new Honor Program in Multimedia Scholarship.

He has been teaching at USC since 1975. He received the USC Associates Award for Teaching Excellence in 1978, the Social Sciences Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1981, an Innovative Teaching Award in 1985, and a Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty Award in 1987. California Magazine named him one of the ten most outstanding teachers in California.

In 1990, Dr. Kann was Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. That same year, USC President Zumberge appointed him to start the Center for Excellence in Teaching. He directed CET for three years and then returned to full-time faculty service. He has also served as Chair of the Department of Political Science and Director of the Academic Culture Initiative, an effort to invigorate academic life outside of the classroom.

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