Delores A. Conway

Delores A. Conway is currently the Faculty Associate Dean for Masters Programs; Professor of Real Estate Economics and Statistics at the Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester. While at USC she was an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Marshall School of Business. After receiving her Ph.D. in Statistics from Stanford University in 1979, she was the first woman to join the Graduate School of Business faculty of the University of Chicago, and served as an Assistant Professor for six years before joining the University of Southern California faculty in 1985. Her research areas include multivariate methods, legal statistics, financial models and real estate economics. Her research articles on statistical methods for legal cases involving employment discrimination have been widely cited in the courts as well as academic journals. In 1997, she was elected a fellow of the American Statistical Association. She also consults with companies on applications of statistics to business.

In 1998, she was listed as the Marshall School's "most popular" professor in the Business Week survey of the Top 25 business schools. Her passion and enthusiasm for statistics are contagious, with large classes of students chanting "the best data wins." In 1999, Dr. Conway received the USC Associates Award for Teaching Excellence, the highest award for teaching bestowed on faculty at the University. "The challenge for teachers of large, required classes is to make the material not only interesting but personal for each student," notes Conway. "An important part of teaching is to build clear connections between the material and the students, so that information flows smoothly." Her goals as a CET Faculty Fellow are to continue improving her own teaching skills as well as to help new teachers build connections that personalize their classes.

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