Sharon Marie Carnicke

Sharon Marie Carnicke is Professor of Theatre and Slavic Languages and Literatures, as well as Associate Dean, School of Theatre. She is an expert in Russian modern drama and acting theory, on stage and film. She has authored two books and numerous chapters and articles, translated plays for productions throughout the US, and directed in New York, Los Angeles and Moscow. She is presently completing a co-authored book on film acting. In 2003, she received the USC Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Author of Stanislavsky in Focus and The Theatrical Instinct, her new book (co-authored with Cynthia Baron) is Reframing Screen Performance. She is also currently researching Stanislavsky's last acting technique "Active Analysis" in preparation for a new book. This last project is being funded by the American Society for Theatre Research. In 1996, she launched a new project on the town festivals of Puerto Rico as performance events. She has received research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Council of Learned Studies, the International Research and Exchanges Board, and USC's Zumberge Fund. She regularly teaches classes of 100 and more students, and thoroughly enjoys it. In 1994, students voted her USC Outstanding Non-Resident Faculty Fellow.

Basic techniques drawn from acting can help faculty (in any discipline) keep classes interactive and exciting. Carnicke offers workshops that emphasize the dynamics of self-presentation and the projection of physical and vocal energy. In addition, she mentors faculty through classroom observation and videotaping of lectures.