Jake Lehman

Jake is a senior majoring in Economics and double minoring in Natural Science and Health Care Studies. He plans to earn a MD/PhD and enter the medical field as a researching physician. With a passion for community service, he hopes to participate in a doctors without borders program at some point during his career. He joined CET with the hopes of increasing the number and quality of learning opportunities for students across campus. Some of his interests are traveling and hiking. Currently a research assistant in the Marine Environmental Biology Lab of Dr. Wiebke Ziebis, Jake hopes to use his new knowledge of the deep ocean microenvironment to further medical microbiology. He particularly wishes to explore the microenvironment within the human body in order to further understand diseases such as cystic fibrosis and familial dysautonomia. On campus, Jake is an active member of Troy Camp, through which he strives to build a lasting relationship between the USC student body and the Los Angeles community.