Rebecca Gotlieb

Rebecca is a third year PhD student working in the Rossier School of Education and the Brain and Creativity Institute. She is interested in the neurobiological and psychosocial basis of social, emotional, and identity development. Her research in Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang’s lab focuses on adolescent perspective-taking abilities and the way they can be harnessed to enhance creativity. Before USC Rebecca graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College with a degree in psychology and worked as an associate analyst on the Education team at Abt Associates.

In her first two years Rebecca TA-ed the EdD class, Issues in Lifespan Development. She serves also as a mentor to several undergraduate research assistants and as the leader of the social emotions lab meetings. Rebecca has served in various roles as a mentor to and advocate for students with disabilities and health issues. She is the student representative to the International Mind, Brain and Education Society board.

When she is not working, Rebecca likes to run miles and miles throughout Los Angeles and hike in the hills.