Paymaneh Malihi

Paymaneh is a second-year Ph.D. student ​in Molecular Biology in the Department of Biological Sciences and a Research Assistant at the Bridge Institute. ​ ​Her research in Dr. Peter Kuhn’s lab focuses on circulating tumor cells, their implications in cancer, and predictive power as a noninvasive fluid biopsy.

During her first year at USC, Paymaneh served as a laboratory TA for Department of Chemistry where she found her passion for teaching and leading discussions that captured interest of her undergraduate students.

She is a member of Women in Science and Engineering, an organization at USC that supports and encourages women to not only stay in STEM academia, but also excel in it. ​ ​Additionally, she started a new program at Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter High School, a small entrepreneurial charter school​ where discussion groups are held twice a month, with specific outreach to minorities and girls. During these sessions, students from different grade levels ask questions regarding college applications, career development during the undergraduate years, and volunteer opportunities in laboratories and hospitals.