Lizette Solórzano

Lizette Solorzano is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology. Her broad scholarly interests concern immigration, law, family, and race. Her current research investigates the effects of immigration law and policy (and the increasing convergence of criminal and civil immigration law) on the lived experiences of parents and youth who lack legal status in Los Angeles. As a qualitative researcher who hears people’s stories first-hand, she is inspired by the heart and resilience of undocumented individuals and communities.

Lizette graduated with B.A.s in Sociology and Political Science from UC San Diego. At UCSD, she was actively involved in social justice education, as well as first-generation and underrepresented student retention in higher education.

Her background in social justice and education drives her pursuit of the Ph.D. and her desire to support and encourage student learning and growth in areas of social justice.