Aaron Veek

Aaron is a Ph.D. student in the philosophy department at USC, with interests in the philosophy of action, moral responsibility, and ethics. His research focuses on the relationship between desires, values, autonomy, and responsibility. He received his B.A. in philosophy from UC Berkeley in 2007.

At USC, he has served as a TA for courses on time and space, modern conceptions of mind and self, the philosophical foundations of modern western culture, contemporary moral and social issues, and the meaning of life. In 2014, he was the recipient of a USC Award for Excellence in Teaching for teaching assistants and the philosophy department nominee for the University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Aaron has loved and been involved with teaching for over a decade. From 2002 until 2005, while attending high school and community college, he worked as a math and science tutor privately and at the Sierra College Math Center. Before coming to USC, he taught middle school from 2008 until 2010 as a Teach for America corps member in an underserved school district in San Jose.