Marion Philadelphia

Marion Philadelphia is a professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business and director of its Center for Management Communication one of Marshall’s academic units. She earned her M.A. at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and her Ed.D. at USC Rossier School of Education. Prior to USC, she worked in entertainment public relations, marketing, journalism, and in creative development for large-scale visitor attraction sites. She has edited and translated many works of non-fiction, contributed to Cal Tech’s Einstein Papers Project, and is a published (fiction) author. Since joining USC in 2002, she has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business communication in traditional, hybrid, and online formats. Her particular interests are in intercultural, leadership, and electronically mediated business communication and effectively supporting student learning in these areas.

Additionally, Marion has a special interest in professional development for faculty, and faculty mentoring, aiming to build instructor confidence in curriculum design and content delivery to include interactive learning and effective assessment. She is the recipient of the USC Mellon Mentoring Award for Mentoring Faculty.

As a CET Faculty Fellow, she hopes to contribute to expanding faculty professional development, mentoring and interdisciplinary exchange across campus to address questions of pedagogy, instruction, and learning.