Faculty Fellows: Call from Provost

bickers-large2Office of the Provost:

Gene Bickers,
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs

April 25, 2016

All Faculty
University of Southern California

Dear Colleague:

I invite you to nominate yourself or another faculty member to become a faculty fellow in the Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET). This position of distinction is awarded to exemplary educators able to contribute to CET’s work. Nominees must be committed to excellence and innovation in learning and teaching, promoting successful life-long learning across our campuses, and organizing and participating in Center activities that advance those aims.

To be eligible for selection as a CET faculty fellow, a nominee must be a practitioner-track, clinical-track, or teaching-track faculty member or a tenured full or associate professor with at least four years’ teaching experience at USC. Selection of fellows is a merit-based process whose criteria include exceptional teaching success, ability to engage other faculty in promoting pedagogical excellence and innovation, willingness to contribute to the training of teaching assistants, and dedication to ensuring that teaching excellence in pursuit of lifelong learning is an accessible goal for all university faculty.

Appointments are for one year, renewable for up to three upon review; for each year of service the appointment carries a stipend of $2,500, which is treated as an unrestricted research grant and in demonstrable ways is expected to serve the fellow’s pursuit of CET objectives.

For information about the Center’s faculty fellows (including nomination procedures), see:

The Center currently seeks nominations and will continue accepting nominations until June 30th or until the vacancies are filled. Duties for fellows may begin as early as mid-August 2016. Direct any questions to Prof. Ginger Clark, CET director, at ginger.clark@usc.edu.

Please submit your nomination to: http://cet.usc.edu/faculty/apply

My hope is that our very best faculty will step forward to participate in the Center’s faculty fellows program, continuing to strengthen CET’s foundation of excellence.


Gene Bickers
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs
Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy