Faculty Fellows

CET’s Faculty Fellows program is an innovative initiative, established in 1996, and developed for faculty by faculty. The Faculty Fellows form, within the Center, a small academy of exemplary teachers and scholars committed to excellence in teaching and innovation in education. The Center has fifteen active Faculty Fellows, who serve for three years and then become Distinguished Faculty Fellows.

The Fellows’ objectives include:

  • To form, as a group, an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of common pedagogical approaches and disciplinary differences.
  • To share their teaching strategies, successes, and challenges.
  • To serve as mentors available to faculty and students.
  • To serve as advocates for a university-wide discourse on the commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.
  • To foster recognition of teaching and learning as indispensable dimensions of undergraduate and graduate education.

Thus, Faculty Fellows serve students (directly via mentoring and organizing special courses, and indirectly as evangelists for teaching excellence throughout the University) and faculty colleagues, by sharing ideas in workshops and offering advisement on effective teaching methods to junior faculty. In addition, the Faculty Fellows collectively seek to provide an intellectual resource on teaching, learning, and policy evaluation for University administrators tasked with responding to challenges posed by the changing national educational environment.


2016–2017 Faculty Fellows

David Albertson
Tatiana Akishina

Jay Bartroff
Ruth Chung
Peter Crookes
Karla Heidelberg
Jean-Michel Maarek
Oliver Mayer
Marion Philadelphia
Mark Redekopp
Rachel Walker
Travis Williams