I would like to submit a proposal, but the course that I have in mind is a graduate-level course: will my proposal be considered?
Currently, the Fund supports innovative projects at the undergraduate level only.

Is the Fund available only to tenured or tenure track faculty?
This Fund is open to all full-time faculty.

When does the Fund become effective?
The deadline for receipt of applications is end of January or early February. Award recipients are notified in late February or early March, and funds are expected to be available beginning in mid-May.

How will the awarded sum be given to me?
Once the Selection Committee has decided on the monetary award for each proposal, we provide the Office of the Provost with the list of winners and the sum awarded for their project. A transfer of funds is made, in mid-May, to each School’s Budget Manager who, in turn, transfers the awarded sums to the Budget Manager in the winner’s home department. Each funded faculty should work with his/her own departmental budget manager so as to have the awarded sum transferred into his/her own research account (or arrange with that budget manager to have a research account started in his/her name for the transfer of funds).

If I have not expended all of my funding during that fiscal year, can I “carry over” the balance into the next fiscal year?
No, awards are for one academic year only.

I would like to work on my funded project during the summer. Can I use the funding as a summer salary?
Yes. The request for summer salary should conform to University guidelines. Part of your funding will cover fringe benefits. Please consult with your Home Department Coordinator to determine the most current fringe rates. For example, if you are awarded $5,000, that sum will include both your salary and the required percentage allotted to fringe benefits.

Please note that (a) faculty salaries may be paid only during the summer; and (b) the awarded sum is subject to income taxes.

I’d like to use my funding to pay a graduate student to assist me during the summer: do I include fringe benefits for the student’s hourly pay?
If your graduate student is enrolled in a study program in the summer you will not need to calculate fringe benefits. However, if your student is not enrolled, you will need to calculate fringe benefits: for example, if you pay your student $10.00 per hour, you must add to it an additional cost of the fringe benefits. Please consult with your Home Department Coordinator to determine the most current fringe rates.

If I decide not to use the funding as a summer salary, what are my options?
You should request that the sum be transferred to your research account.

Who can receive salary on FIUT Grants?
FIUT money can only be used for faculty (tenure track, full-time NTT, or adjunct) summer salary. Often the money has been used in part for either undergrad or grad TA support.