Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching: Required Documents

All nominations for the Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching must include the following documentation:

  • Contact information of nominator and nominee.
  • Copy of the nominee’s most recent curriculum vitae.
  • Nomination letter, not to exceed two pages, describing how the nominee satisfies the selection criteria. Explain succinctly why the nominee’s teaching and contributions to student learning are exceptional. (Nomination letters should directly address at least four of the criteria for the award.)
  • Two letters of support from USC faculty and one letter of support from a USC academic dean. (Letters of support should address at least two criteria for the award.)
  • Course descriptions of courses the nominee has taught over the past six years.
  • Three representative syllabi from those courses.
  • As a measure of student engagement, all the open-ended student responses from student evaluations, from the last three semesters the courses were taught.
  • A list of grants and awards for teaching, if any.
  • A short citation (175-200 words), highlighting the nominee’s excellence in teaching, for use in the Convocation program.

Nominators are encouraged to consider women and under-represented faculty.

Nominations will be evaluated by a committee of distinguished faculty including past winners of the award. Dossiers should be prepared with care: A thoughtful selection of supporting documentation is strongly encouraged.

Use this form to upload the complete dossier for your nominee.