Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching: Criteria for Awards

Criteria for the Awards

Eligibility for the Associates Award includes all faculty with at least six years of teaching service at USC. Nominations by a school, department, or colleague are encouraged (self-nominations are not accepted). The award committee will seek indicators of teaching excellence as evidenced by:

  • High intellectual standards reflected in content, rigor, and course materials.
  • Currency in the field; evidence of scholarly and pedagogical growth as new knowledge is discovered, and new classroom technology is produced.
  • Exposure of students to scholarship and research in the field, particularly in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Teaching strategies that encourage student participation in the teaching-learning process, including (but not limited to) service-learning, active learning strategies, innovative uses of technology/multimedia that enhance student learning.
  • Incorporation of teaching strategies that foster inclusive educational experiences.
  • Measures of breadth and/or depth of impact on students’ intellectual development, such as student placements, co-publications/presentations, a pattern of student awards.
  • Unusual effort to ensure a rich learning experience, including highly impactful exercises or experiences, exposure to leaders in the field, project-based learning that results in significant change in policy, community experience, access, etc.
  • Methods of assessment of student learning and achievement that go beyond student evaluations.
  • Contributions to the improvement of the quality of teaching within the university through training or mentoring of other faculty.
  • Other extraordinary, unique, or pioneering contributions to excellence in teaching.

* The list is not complete: it is intended to assist those preparing nominations